Ultimate Service

Ultimate Service

This class is for companies that have taken either Go Fundamentals or Ultimate Go and want to learn how to build production-level services in Go.

Trusted by:

Capital One
Hallmark Labs

Ultimate Service is a 3 day class for any Go developer who wishes to learn how to build production ready and well tested web services in Go. This class provides an intensive, comprehensive and idiomatic view of building web services using community accepted idioms and practices.

Course Overview

The class goes beyond just the use of the http package and focuses on building CRUD based services with logging, observability and debugging. The class also teaches POD architectures, Docker and cloud deployment. We believe this class is perfect for anyone wishing to build production ready, scalable, fast, and highly concurrent web services in Go.


  • Learning the http and net packages
  • Basic server startup and shutdown with load shedding
  • Application State
  • Health and Readiness
  • Context and Error Handling
  • Middleware Support
  • Observability
  • Debugging Support
  • Database Support
  • CRUD based API’s and Usage
  • Docker Support
  • Modules and Dependency Management
  • POD Architecture and Sidecars
  • Authentication

What a student is expected to learn:

  • Strong understanding of how to build and debug web services in Go.
  • Solid testing and design patterns.
  • Patterns and techniques for solving common problems.

Minimal Qualified Student:

  • A fully working Go environment and can build a basic Go application.
  • Has taken Ultimate Go, Go Fundamentals, or has a similar understanding of what is taught in those classes.
  • A basic understanding of the standard library net/http package.
  • A basic understanding of Docker.