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Intensive Docker

This is a course for devs, ops, architects; all kinds of IT professionals and engineers who need to understand Docker and containers well enough to use them to design.

  • Course Outlines:
  • Building Containers
  • Building Images Interactively| Writing Dockerfiles | Using CMD & Entrypoint
  • Optimizing Containers
  • Writing Docker Files | Multi-Stage Builds | Publishing Images to the Docker Hub
  • Managing Containers
  • Naming & Inspecting | Labels | Inside A Container
  • Local Development With Compose
  • Windows Containers | Working With Volumes | Compose For Development Stacks
  • Preparing For Production
  • Advanced Docker Files | Application Configuration | Logging
  • Local Development With Compose
  • Orchestration Overview
Ardan Labs

Intensive Kubernetes

This is a course for devs, ops, architects; all kinds of IT professionals and engineers who need to understand Kubernetes and container orchestration.

  • Course Outline:
  • Kubernetes Foundations
  • Running a micro-services | Declarative and imperative models | Pods, Deployments, Batch and Cron jobs
  • Scaling and Rolling Updates
  • Scaling with Deployments, Replica Sets and Daemon Sets| Rolling updates and upgrades
  • Sample Apps to Production
  • Namespaces | Accessing internal services| Dashboard | API| Config Maps
Ardan Labs

Intensive Kubernetes Advanced Concepts

This is an advanced Kubernetes course for devs, ops, or even architects, who have started working with Kubernetes, and want to dive deeper and learn advanced concepts.

  • Course Outline:
  • Packing Applications With Kustomize
  • Dockercoins | Sample Application Kustomize | Helm
  • Capacity Management
  • Container capacity planning | Cluster Capacity Planning | Extending the Kubernetes API | Reflection
  • Security Focus
  • Network Policies | Authentication & Authorization| Pod Security Policies | Managing User Access

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Jérôme Petazzoni


Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before that company became Docker. He worked seven years at the container startup, where he wore countless hats and ran containers in production before it was cool.

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Docker and containers can help developers in many ways: providing clean, isolated development environments; quickly spinning up test instances for CI purposes; and more. Kubernetes is a container management system that runs and manages containerized applications on a cluster.

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Jerome was amazing. Very easy to talk to, had a nice sense of humor, was incredibly knowledgeable about not only docker & kubernetes but pretty much all *nix stuff as well. He was able to keep the audience engaged through well planned out exercises and did a great job of giving real world examples for all material. Jerome was able to answer almost all questions without consulting any documentation and demonstrated that he truly is an expert with these technologies.

Really great class, enjoyed the content and style of delivery. Nicely walked through what containers do and how they're useful, in a format that allows hands-on learning. Chock-full of useful tips and real-world applications too.

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