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Sep 23rd - 25th 2019

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Ardan Labs offers 2 and 3-day on-site corporate training for software developers who want to learn Go (Golang) and related technologies. Our classes have been designed from training over 4,000 engineers since 2013 and they go beyond just being a language class.

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Our classes are about learning how to read and understand the code you are writing. With a big understanding of "if performance matters" then these things matter. We talk about semantics, guidelines, mechanical sympathy, and data-oriented design. Our goal is to challenge every student to think about what they are doing and why. If you want your team to go beyond just learning and become better programmers, our classes are for you.

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Go Fundamentals: The Go Fundamentals class is a custom designed class for companies who have developers with little to no experience with Go and require time focusing on syntax and working on exercises. The course is about getting developers knowledgeable with the syntax and idioms so they can be productive writing code.

Ultimate Go: The Advanced Ultimate Go class is designed to focus on digging deep into the language to understand the internals that matter and the semantics. The course is about if performance matters then these things matter. This is presented from focusing on code readability at a micro level to full application architecture and development.

Ultimate Service: The Ultimate Service class is a hands-on class that teaches how to build production-level services in Go. It provides best practices around Go web services using POD architecture and design.

Kubernetes Developer: This is a two-day, hands-on training to get started with Kubernetes, understand its concepts and its architecture, and learn how to leverage it for your applications. It puts a strong emphasis on “Cloud Native” principles and micro-services architectures.

Containers, Docker and Kubernetes: This is a three-day, hands-on training to learn how to containerize your applications and deploy them using the Kubernetes orchestration platform.

Kubernetes Administrator Training: This is a four-day, hands-on training to learn and understand Kubernetes concepts and architecture, and acquire the skills to operate it in production.

Great class! The teams would benefit from post-class help in code reviews, mentoring, and development of starter kits for typical applications types in our environment.

Engineer, PayPal

The course is extremely well organized and the pace is also very conducive to the learning process. The exercises are very well organized. Delivered very high value.

Engineer, Cisco

Excellent class. The instructor is a hacker speaking to hackers, so we got very useful information and advice. Well-structured and paced was not totally dead at the end of the day. Good exercises. 10/10 would gopher it again.

Engineer, Zip Recruiter

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