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If you want to be a better Go developer, code reviewer, designer and architect, this is the class you want to take. Our classes are about learning how to read and understand the code you are writing.

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Train your team (remote or on-site) in Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Data Science, and Python.

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Ardan Labs Individual

Instructor-led classroom based courses. Learn in an online environment with a live instructor.


Ardan Labs Self-Paced

Membership based online training videos. Access our full library of content and study at your own pace.

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Ultimate Go Syntax

This class is for companies who want syntax training and exercises. Designed for anyone who has programming experience but has little to no experience with Go.

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Advanced Ultimate Go

The Advanced Ultimate Go class is an intermediate-level class for companies that have developers with some experience with Go trying to dig deeper into the language with a focus on performance. They want to learn internals and make better engineering decisions.

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Ultimate Go Service With Kubernetes

This is a class that teaches how to build production-level services in Go leveraging the power of Kubernetes. From the beginning, you will pair program with the instructor walking through the design philosophies and guidelines for building services in Go. With each new feature that is added to the service, you will learn how to deploy to and manage the Kubernetes environment used to run the service.

Ardan Labs Instructor

Bill Kennedy

Bill has been developing software for more than 30 years. In 2013 he became a pioneer using Go and now has trained over 10,000 engineers that work for Fortune 100 companies. He also is the author of Go in Action and is the main contributor to our blog.

Great class! The teams would benefit from post-class help in code reviews, mentoring, and development of starter kits for typical applications types in our environment.

- PayPal

The course is extremely well organized and the pace is also very conducive to the learning process. The exercises are very well organized. Delivered very high value.

- Cisco

Excellent class. The instructor is a hacker speaking to hackers, so we got very useful information and advice. Well-structured and paced was not totally dead at the end of the day. Good exercises. 10/10 would gopher it again.

- Zip Recruiter

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Checkout our interview with O’Reilly Media at Velocity conf where we go into the details of why we’re one of the leaders in the Go training community.

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