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If you want to be a better Go developer, code reviewer, designer and architect, this is the class you want to take. Our classes are about learning how to read and understand the code you are writing.

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Designed over the past 6+ years. It goes beyond just being a Go language class

What You Will Learn

The NEW Ultimate Go class is an intermediate-level class for companies that have developers with some experience with Go trying to dig deeper into the language. They want to learn mechanics, semantics and make better engineering decisions. Day 1 and 2 focus on the mechanics, semantics, composition, concurrency, and tooling. Day 3 brings the first two days together to teach how to build production-level services in Go.

Day 1

Language Mechanics / Semantics - We will talk about code design, semantics, guidelines, mechanical sympathy, and data-oriented design.

  • Memory & Garbage Collection
  • Data Semantics
  • Control Flow Design
  • Decoupling Mechanics
  • Compositional Design

Day 2

Multi-Threaded Programming - We will focus on concurrency and tooling.

  • Concurrency
  • Profiling
  • Tracing
  • Benchmarking
  • Fuzzing

Day 3

Build Web Service - We will re-engineer a web service and talk about application design, semantics, and guidelines for building services in Go.

  • Start/Stop
  • Logging/Configuration
  • Web Framework Design
  • Database Support
  • Testing Support with Docker
  • Metrics/Tracing

Training to fit your needs

In addition to our “Ultimate Go Training”, we offer other courses to fit your needs. Courses range from beginner to expert with the same focus on getting developers knowledgeable with the syntax and idioms so they can be productive writing code.

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Great class! The teams would benefit from post-class help in code reviews, mentoring, and development of starter kits for typical applications types in our environment.

- PayPal

The course is extremely well organized and the pace is also very conducive to the learning process. The exercises are very well organized. Delivered very high value.

- Cisco

Excellent class. The instructor is a hacker speaking to hackers, so we got very useful information and advice. Well-structured and paced was not totally dead at the end of the day. Good exercises. 10/10 would gopher it again.

- Zip Recruiter

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