Visualize. Define. Design.

Ardan Labs has helped many clients design captivating applications and custom branding solutions focused on engaging the consumer.

This is our process

Web Design Process

Scope definition & sitemap Once we know the site's goals, we can define the scope of the project and create a sitemap to help us stay on track.

Wireframe Creation Wireframes to visualize layouts without having to go into the mockup process to focus on content and where it goes.

Mockup With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand and finalzing everything.

Prototype Interactive prototype for the client to get a feel for how the site will flow.

Build & test Build out html/css/react/rails etc., depending on what the client needs / what we think we should do or suggest to the client tech wise.

Launch Once everything's working, and you have given us the green light.

Brand Design Process

Scope definition & research Once we know the message behind the logo, and the direction of your idea we can properly begin the branding process.

Moodboard creation A broad visual to aid us in selecting the style you have in mind, without diving too deep into the design process.

Concept Sketching Simple sketches designed around the brief and research to quickly nail down the base of the logo to build upon.

Concept refining & finalization Refining of the sketches with the introduction of color and font options to finalize the look of the logo.

Styleguide creation With the Logo finalized we will create a custom Style-guide to help you with your brand moving forward.

Delivery Delivery of the logo in the appropriate formats depending on what your needs are along with the Moodboard and Styleguide documents.

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