Ultimate Go Debugging

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This course is part of the Ultimate Go Track

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Course Introduction

The Ultimate Go Debugging course is designed for developers who want to learn how to be proficient debugging Go software using the Delve debugger. Developers who have never used a debugger before to those who have experience with Delve, GDB or LLDB, will gain important and practical skills and knowledge. Everyone who takes this class will walk away with practical information, tips, and tricks which can be used in their day-to-day development workflow.

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This course is part of the Ultimate Go Track. Not sold separately.

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  • A basic understanding of the Go programming language.
  • Students do not have to be expert Go users but they will get the most from the workshop if they have completed the majority of the Go Tour.

Course Outline

Basics of using debuggers

Intro into CLI usage

Getting familiar with debugging mindset

How debuggers work

Deeper dive into debug commands within debug session

How to debug core dumps

Record & Replay debugging

Introduction to JSON-RPC API

How to use JSON-RPC API

How to script the debugger

Remote debugging

Debugging in Containers

Debugging in Kubernetes

Debugging through performance analysis

How to use pprof

How to use perf

Deep dive into Delve internals

Deep dive into Go internals


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