Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering

 Advanced |   20 HRS

Learn advanced Go concepts by building a reference implementation of a blockchain in Go! The goal of this class is to share how to code complex engineering tasks required to build blockchain technology.

This course is part of the Ultimate Go Track.

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Course Introduction

From the beginning, you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code. Throughout the class, you will learn more about Go and the advanced engineering features of the language.

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This course is part of the Ultimate Go Track. Not sold separately.

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  • An intermediate understanding of the Go programming language is recommended.
  • Students will derive the most value if they have taken our Ultimate Go and Ultimate Go: Web Services with Kubernetes classes.

Course Outline

1.1: Design Philosophy, Guidelines, What to Expect

1.2: Tooling to Install

1.3: Initial Code for the Project

2.1: Blockchain Fundamentals

2.2: Genesis

2.3: Transactions and Blocks

2.4: Digital Signatures

2.5: Account Management

2.6: Memory Pooling

2.7: Mining and Consensus

2.8: Fraud Detection

3.1: What is Genesis

3.2: Configuration Options

3.3: Reading From Disk

4.1: What is a Digital Signature

4.2: Hashing

4.3: Stamping

4.4: Signing

4.5: Addressing

4.6: Verification

5.1: What is Inside the Blockchain Database

5.2: Transaction Types

5.3: Accounting

5.4: Block Types

6.1: What is a Cryptographic Audit Trail

6.2: Chaining

6.3: Merkle Tree Proofs

6.4: Account Database Proof

7.1: What is a Mempool

7.2: Storing Transactions

7.3: Transaction Selection

8.1: Handler function

8.2: Transaction Signature Verification

8.3: Mempool Inclusion

9.1: What is Consensus and Mining

9.2: Proof Of Work Algorithm

9.3: Implement Mining Workflow

10.1: Storage Options

10.2: Writing Blocks

10.3: Reading and Searching Blocks

11.1: What is the P2P Network

11.2: Peer Discovery

11.3: Sharing Transactions

11.4: Sharing Blocks

12.1: Chrome Plugin Basics

12.2: Javascript Support

12.3: Send Signed Transaction

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