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The Ultimate Go course has helped over 10,000 developers learn to write more idiomatic and performant code.

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Our courses go deeper than most. Our focus on best practices and design philosophies will make you a better engineer.

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Get the whole team on the same page

Your team will learn best practices and design philosophies that have been proven to make engineering teams more productive.

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Philosophies we teach our students

Make things easy to understand

Code that puts an emphasis on readability makes it easy for teams to understand and debug in the future.

Mechanical sympathy

Understanding the relationship between hardware and software helps us to be more productive engineers.

Code that stands the test of time

Learn to write Go in a way that will keep it in production longer without requiring significant maintenance.

Explore a full breadth of topics

Is your team new to Go? Are you looking to enhance what you’re already doing? We can help.

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Customize a curriculum to fit your needs

Let’s work together to design a curriculum that fits the unique needs of your team. Choose from over 30 modules to get your engineers on the right track.

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Our International Leading Instructors

Bill Kennedy


Bill has been developing software for more than 30 years. In 2013 he became a pioneer using Go and now has trained over 10,000 engineers that work for Fortune 100 companies. He also is the author of Go in Action and is the main contributor to our blog.

Miki Tebeka

Go & Python

Miki is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has taught many workshops on various technical subjects all over the world at companies such as AT&T, Oracle, Dropbox, J.P. Morgan, and others.

Derek Parker


Derek is the creator of Delve, the Go programming language debugger. He has been developing software for over a decade and has traveled the world speaking at conferences and teaching workshops about debugging.

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