Intensive Kubernetes

 Intermediate |  8+HR

This course covers the basics of Kubernetes and container orchestration. Perfect for anyone just getting started.

This course is part of the Intensive Docker & Kubernetes Track.

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Course Introduction

This is a course for any engineer who needs to deploy, scale, and operate applications in "Cloud Native" environments. You’ll complete labs and assignments that will help you become productive with Kubernetes.

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This course is part of the Intensive Docker & Kubernetes track. Not sold separately.

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  • No Kubernetes experience necessary
  • Knowing the difference between a container and an image
  • Knowing how to run a container and how to build an image (with Docker or any other container engine)
  • Using SSH to connect to a remote Linux machine
  • Basic shell commands (navigate directories, set environment variables…)
  • Using a text editor like vi, nano, or similar

Course Outline

1.1 - Running a microservices application in containers

1.2 - Kubernetes concepts

1.3 - First contact with kubectl

1.5 - Pods, Deployments, Batch and Cron jobs

1.6 - Viewing container output from the CLI

1.7 - The Kubernetes network model

1.8 - Exposing containers with Services

1.9 - Deploying the microservices application on Kubernetes

2.1 - Deploying with YAML manifests

2.2 - Scaling with Deployments and Replica Sets

2.4 - Load balancing traffic with labels and selectors

2.5 - Dynamic load balancer reconfiguration

2.6 - Rolling updates and upgrades

2.7 - Rolling back invalid deployments

2.8 - The role of healthchecks

2.9 - Liveness, readiness, and startup probes

3.1 - Organizing resources with Namespaces

3.2 - Controlling a Kubernetes cluster remotely

3.3 - Accessing internal services

3.4 - The Kubernetes dashboard

3.5 - Exposing HTTP services with Ingress resources

3.6 - Sharing information between containers with volumes

3.7 - The downward API

3.8 - Exposing configuration files with Config Maps

3.9 - Managing sensitive data with Secrets

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