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Our hands-on approach to Kubernetes training has helped thousands of engineers learn best practices and advanced techniques to make their teams more productive.

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Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Jérôme Petazzoni Kubernetes Training On-Demand

What You’ll Learn

Our courses go deeper than most. Our focus on best practices and design philosophies will make you a better DevOps engineer.

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Kubernetes Training for Teams

Get the whole team on the same page

Learn best practices and design philosophies that have been proven to make DevOps teams faster and more productive.

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Philosophies we teach our students

Kubernetes Philosophies

Make things easy to understand

Kubernetes is known to be a bit complex. We help you understand the micro-level engineering decisions that will help you deploy and scale efficiently.

Kubernetes Philosophies

Mechanical sympathy

Understanding the relationship between hardware and software helps us to be more productive engineers.

Kubernetes Philosophies

Real-World applications

Build a curriculum to match the use-cases of your team. Our instructors focus on the stuff that matters.

Explore a full breadth of topics

Is your team new to Kubernetes? Are you looking to enhance what you’re already doing? We can help.

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  • Optimizing Container Images

  • Container Networking

  • Local Development with Compose

  • Scaling and Rolling Updates

  • Kustomize & Helm

  • Capacity Management

  • Pod Security

  • Stateful Applications

  • Get our full list of topics
Custom Kubernetes Training Curriculum

Customize a curriculum to fit your needs

Let's work together to design a curriculum that fits the unique needs of your team. Choose from over 30 modules to get your engineers on the right track.

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Our international leading instructors

Jérôme Petazzoni

Jérôme Petazzoni

Docker & Kubernetes

Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before that company became Docker. He loves to share what he knows, which led him to give hundreds of talks and demos on containers, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Michael Bright

Michael Bright

Terraform & AWS

Michael has worked for many years in the Telecom and Cloud industries as a Researcher, a Developer and Pre-Sales Solution Architect at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise before branching out as an independent trainer and consultant specializing in Cloud Technologies.

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Jérôme Petazzoni Live Kubernetes Training

What are our live courses like?

Learn live via zoom and get your questions answered in real-time. If you’re the type of person who learns better in a classroom setting, this is for you.

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