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Good debugging practices are crucial to an effective engineering team. Students will learn all the skills they need to know in order to debug code fast and effectively.

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  • Inspecting program state

  • Advanced program navigation

  • Examining core dumps

  • Tracing programs

  • Scripting Delve


  • Debugging on Kubernetes

  • Profiling tools

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Philosophies we teach

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Focus on readability & code quality

Code that puts an emphasis on readability makes it easy for teams to understand and debug in the future.

Understand how your code behaves

It can be easy to get frustrated when debugging. Understanding exactly how things work will help you find the root cause faster.

A methodical approach

Debugging is like detective work. We'll teach you exactly how to approach your debugging to reduce errors.

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Make your engineering team more producitve

Everyone who takes this class will walk away with practical information, tips, and tricks which can be used in their day to day development workflow. Engineers who have never used a debugger before to those who have experience with Delve, GDB or LLDB, will gain practical skills and knowledge.

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