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Introduction to Terraform

This class is for people intending to start using Terraform for managing their AWS-based infrastructure.

  • Course Outline:
  • HCL Configurations
  • Terraform Providers
  • The Terraform Workflow
  • Configuration Templates
  • Simple and Complex variable types
  • Control structures
  • Maps, HCL functions
  • Data sources
  • State, Remote state, workspaces
  • Terraform Registry Provisioners
  • Importing foreign resources
  • Autoscaling & load-balancing
  • Terraform Best Practices
  • 3rd-party tools
  • Terraform Cloud, Terraform Enterprise
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Michael Bright


Michael has worked for many years in the Telecom and Cloud industries as a Researcher, a Developer and Pre-Sales Solution Architect at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise before branching out as an independent trainer and consultant specializing in Cloud Technologies.

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