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Grow Your Python Skills!

If you want to be a better Python developer, code reviewer, designer and architect, this is the class you want to take. Our classes are about learning how to read and understand the code you are writing.

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Train your team (remote or on-site) in Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Data Science, and Python.

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Ardan Labs Individual

Instructor-led classroom based courses. Learn in an online environment with a live instructor.

Ardan Labs Self-Paced

Membership based online training videos. Access our full library of content and study at your own pace.

Practical Data Science

This class is for people who'd like to start working with the Python scientific stack for analyzing data.

Practical Python

In this class Miki will share tips & tricks from his 23 years of experience developing with Python. We'll cover advanced topics such as code generation, speed improvements, writing extension modules, testing hacks and more.

Practical Faster Python

Learn how to make your Python code faster. We'll discuss common mistakes, data structures and algorithms, profiling and see how to use numba & Cython to speed up critical paths in your code.

Practical Serialization (both Python & Go classes available)

At the “edges” of your program (e.g. when interacting with other services) you will use serialization to send and receive data. Working efficiently with serialization will make your interfaces more flexible, will save you money on CPU & bandwidth and free you to focus on writing business value code. In this workshop you'll learn how to choose a serialization format and best practices for working with serialization. We'll focus on two popular formats - JSON & protocol buffers.

Practical Data Ingestion

Data scientists spend more than 80% of their time acquiring & cleaning data. This Webinar will teach you how to effectively ingest data from various source and how to clean and normalize it.

Practical Unicode (both Python & Go classes available)

In this workshop we'll go over some Unicode theory then see how to handle Unicode in your code. You'll learn about bytes, code points, characters, glyphs, NFC/NFC and other techniques that will ease the pain of working with Unicode.

Ardan Labs

Miki Tebeka

Miki is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has taught many workshops on various technical subjects all over the world at companies such as AT&T, Oracle, Dropbox, J.P. Morgan, and others.

Miki is involved in open source, both in the Go and Python worlds. He has several open source projects of his own and contributed to many others including Go & Python. He's also helping organize GopherCon Israel, Go Israel meetup, the upcoming PyData Israel, and was a member of the PyCon Israel team.

Miki wrote "Forging Python", "Go Brain Teasers" and "Python Brain Teasers", he's a LinkedIn Learning author, speaks at conferences, and infrequent blogger.

Miki helps customers in R&D projects, building data pipelines, optimizing performance, and other challenging technical issues. He loves writing code and solving problems.

Great class! The teams would benefit from post-class help in code reviews, mentoring, and development of starter kits for typical applications types in our environment.

- PayPal

The course is extremely well organized and the pace is also very conducive to the learning process. The exercises are very well organized. Delivered very high value.

- Cisco

Excellent class. The instructor is a hacker speaking to hackers, so we got very useful information and advice. Well-structured and paced was not totally dead at the end of the day. Good exercises. 10/10 would gopher it again.

- Zip Recruiter

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