July 8, 2024

Ardan Labs Launches Training Sessions and Expands Services in Latin America

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Chicago, IL at GopherCon U.S 2024 | July 8th, 2024
Ardan Labs, a leading provider of technical training and consulting services, announces the launch of its new “Short and Advanced Go Training” sessions. These intensive 4-hour live Instructor-led workshops are tailored for experienced Go developers aiming to deepen their expertise and productivity in the Go programming language.

Short and Advanced Go Training Sessions:

The specialized training sessions will cover a range of advanced topics crucial for developers looking to enhance their skills efficiently. Key areas of focus include:

  • Deep Dive into Interfaces
  • Practical Generics
  • Street Fighting Testing
  • Building Go Executables
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Advanced JSON
  • Writing Secure Go Applications
  • Go Performance Optimization

Participants will gain practical insights and hands-on experience from industry experts, enabling them to tackle complex challenges with confidence. Each workshop is designed to provide actionable knowledge and best practices that are immediately applicable in real-world scenarios.

“We are excited to unveil our ‘Short and Advanced Go Training’ sessions, designed to empower experienced developers with advanced Go programming techniques,” said William Kennedy, Managing Partner and Lead Go Instructor at Ardan Labs. “These workshops reflect our commitment to delivering high-impact learning experiences that meet the evolving demands of the software development community.”

Expansion of Nearshoring Services in Latin America:

In addition to expanding its training offerings, Ardan Labs is also enhancing its staffing services with a focus on nearshoring solutions. This strategic initiative aims to provide clients with access to top-tier engineering talent located in Latin American hubs such as Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

“With over 12 years of experience in Latin America, our expansion into nearshoring reaffirms our commitment to supporting our clients’ growth and operational efficiency,” added Kennedy. “By incorporating our LATAM nearshoring services, clients can tap into a pool of skilled and vetted engineers to scale their teams without compromising on quality.”

Engineers are pre-vetted, fluent in English, and within your time zone. In leveraging these nearshore teams, Ardan Labs offers clients the advantages of proximity, cultural alignment, and cost-efficiency.

For more information about Ardan Labs’ “Short and Advanced Go Training” sessions and nearshoring solutions, please visit www.ardanlabs.com.

About Ardan Labs: Ardan Labs is a trusted provider of technical training and consulting services, specializing in training, software architecture, and engineering excellence. With a focus on delivering impactful solutions, Ardan Labs empowers developers and organizations worldwide to achieve their goals through innovative training and strategic staffing.

This press release highlights Ardan Labs’ commitment to advancing developer skills through specialized training and supporting organizational efficiency with tailored staffing solutions.

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