February 2, 2024

GopherCon Europe 2024 Winter Edition with Ardan Labs

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About GopherCon Europe

As Go’s popularity soared, GopherCon went global and GopherCon Europe (GCEU) kicked off its inaugural conference in 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland. After that, GCEU had plans to rotate the conference every year in different countries and in 2019 the conference was held in Tenerife, Spain. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 it became important to transition the conference to an online format.

From that point on, Berlin has served as the primary base for the conference hosting both the online and in-person events. The Ardan Labs team and our very own Bill Kennedy have been supporters of GCEU since their first year. Today, GCEU has become an institution across the globe — a platform covering the entire Go spectrum for knowledge sharing, community building, and inspiration.

Ardan’s Journey of Go Partnership and Community Growth

What is Ardan Labs’ latest collaboration with GCEU? Ardan Labs is partnering with GCEU to unveil a winter edition of the conference that will be held in Athens, Greece. We believe holding a winter edition in a new location will make the conference accessible to more people. Together with the GCEU team, we’re committed to delivering an exhilarating experience for everyone who attends the conference.

Whether you’re a seasoned gopher or just embarking on your Go journey, the conference in Athens will provide content for everyone at all levels. Ardan Labs is proud to announce its partnership with GCEU, making the winter edition possible and bringing the conference experience to even more Gophers around the world. This is your golden opportunity to explore the world of Go, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and ignite your inspiration.

Bill Kennedy, in his own words, shares his excitement about partnering with GopherCon EU: “I love conferences and having the opportunity to be a partner in a conference like GCEU is a dream come true. I want to thank the GCEU team for trusting us and choosing us to help make this new edition a reality with the Go community in mind.”

GopherCon Europe Winter Edition Run-Down

GopherCon Europe in Athens is set to take place at the Amalia Hotel, uniting participants from various corners of Europe for a winter edition of this renowned conference. Embracing the vibrant Go community, the event promises a gathering of enthusiasts from across the globe.

Community Day | Tuesday 06.02

Community Day at GCEU is a special day dedicated to fostering connections, knowledge-sharing, and social interaction among the Go programming language community.

  • Lightning Talks
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Networking and Social Events

Workshops Day | Wednesday 07.02

Workshop Day at GCEU, scheduled for Wednesday, February 7th, offers a full day of immersive learning experiences from our very own experts.

  • Ultimate Go: Software Design with Kubernetes by Bill Kennedy
    (This class allows you to learn to build scalable Go software in Kubernetes with a focus on domain-driven, data-oriented architecture. Program alongside the instructor as he shares design philosophies and guidelines.)

  • Ultimate Go by Miki Tebeka
    (This workshop is based on “Ultimate Go” by Bill Kennedy. The workshop is aimed at developers who have experience with Go and would like to understand how to write more efficient code and understand data semantics and concurrency patterns).

Talks Day | Thursday 08.02

Talks Day at GCEU is a significant event within the conference schedule dedicated to a series of presentations and discussions. On Thursday, February 8th, attendees can participate in a diverse range of talks covering various aspects of Go programming and related topics.

  • Opening Words
  • Opening Keynote: K8s Quotas, Go, and Performance / Bill Kennedy
  • 10 Aha! Moments Exploring the Go Source Code / Jesús Espino
  • What is Zero Trust Networking Inside Your Application? / Stefan Gajic
  • OOP with Go / Ronna Steinberg
  • Building gRPC Microservices Effectively with Go / Chris Shepherd
  • GoTime Podcast Live Recording
  • Closing Words
  • Social Event

Meet the speakers of GCEU – from seasoned Go developers and tech leads to passionate advocates. Each speaker brings a wealth of expertise, promising to make your GCEU experience insightful and enriching. Explore the world of Go programming with these exceptional individuals and let their experiences inspire your journey.

  • Bill Kennedy (@goinggodotnet)

    • Software development professional with over 30 years of experience
    • Go pioneer since 2013
    • Trained over 25,000 engineers worldwide
    • Author of the book “Go in Action” and “Ultimate Go Notebook”
    • Main contributor to our blog
  • Ronna Steinberg (@ronnax):

    • Tech Lead at Upvest
    • Google developer expert for the Go programming language
    • Women Who Go organizer
    • GoTime’s unpopular opinion “hall of famer”
  • Chris Shepherd (@cshep_4):

    • Senior Systems Engineer at Cloudflare
    • Focuses on building gRPC Microservices effectively using Go
  • Jesús Espino (@jespinog):

    • Senior Staff Engineer at Mattermost
    • Specializes in Full Stack Development on the API side of the platform
  • Stefan Gajic (@StefanGajicNS):

    • Developer Advocate
    • Go developer
    • Organizer of Golang Serbia meetups
  • Ale Kennedy (@AleInTech):

    • Web developer with an Industrial Engineering background
    • Proficient in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React
    • Former middle school STEM teacher with a focus on teaching robotics
  • Mat Ryer (@matryer):

    • Director of Engineering at Grafana Labs on the Machine Learning team
    • Author of Go Programming Blueprints
    • Host of Go Time podcast

Exciting Highlights: Ardan Labs at GopherCon Europe

Ardan Labs offers a full range of services to support your tech journey. Our expert talent scouts identify top Go talents, tailoring your engineering “dream team” to project needs. The GCEU 2024 winter conference is going to give you cutting-edge training experience as seasoned Go experts share insights in workshops and talks. You can join our vibrant community, connect with Go enthusiasts, and exchange ideas. As your innovation guide, Ardan Labs helps build scalable, efficient software, ensuring future-proofing and sustainable growth for your business.

See you soon in Athens, the land of the gopher gods!

Explore further details at https://www.ardanlabs.com/events/gophercon-europe-winter-in-athens/ and secure your spot in Athens by purchasing tickets at https://events.ardanlabs.com/.

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