January 10, 2024

A Case Study on Exploring Nearshoring Potential: A Roadmap for Global Dominance

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Nearshoring success? How do we make it happen? For many companies, choosing between nearshoring and offshoring becomes tricky. Nevertheless, there are numerous success stories associated with nearshoring.

This case study explores the successes of a few industry leaders like HubSpot, Whirlpool, Duolingo, and Shopify embracing nearshoring as a transformative strategy.

Nearshoring vs. offshoring

While we talk about nearshoring, let’s explore offshoring a little as well. Offshoring entails outsourcing to a distant location, frequently in a different continent, whereas nearshoring involves outsourcing to a geographically closer location, often within the same region or continent. The decision between nearshoring and offshoring hinges on factors like cost considerations, necessary expertise, cultural compatibility, and logistical preferences.

HubSpot’s Nearshoring Success

HubSpot, a prominent CRM software company, embarked on its nearshoring journey in 2015. Previously, the company outsourced its customer support to a third-party provider in APAC. However, HubSpot sought ways to elevate service quality while reducing costs.

By nearshoring its customer support team to Mexico, HubSpot achieved remarkable results:

  • Time zone advantage: Nearshoring aligns time zones, slashing communication delays and fostering real-time collaboration.
  • Cost reduction: HubSpot slashed customer support costs by 20% through nearshoring.
  • Enhanced service quality: The average time to resolution decreased, leading to a 10% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced productivity: They witnessed a 1.6x increase in productivity (source: HubSpot Case Study).
  • Close quarters, swift solutions: In nearshoring, geographical proximity can mean just a few hours from the US to a Mexico border town or 2 to 5 hours from major hubs. This closeness streamlines logistics and accelerates response times for HubSpot.

These outcomes encouraged HubSpot to expand its nearshoring initiatives. The company now boasts nearshore teams in Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica, with plans for continued expansion. Key benefits of HubSpot’s nearshoring strategy include reduced costs, improved service quality, access to a larger talent pool, and improved cultural fit.

Whirlpool’s Nearshoring Transformation

Whirlpool, a major appliance manufacturer, ventured into nearshoring in the 1980s by relocating its manufacturing operations to Mexico. In recent years, Whirlpool has extended its nearshoring approach to staffing operations.

Key successes of Whirlpool’s staffing nearshoring strategy include:

  • Labor cost reduction: Whirlpool achieved a 15% reduction in labor costs by nearshoring staffing operations (source: Unity Connect).
  • Product quality improvement: The strategy led to a decrease in product defects, enhancing the overall quality of Whirlpool’s offerings.
  • Production capacity increase: Whirlpool expanded its production capacity by 10% through staffing nearshoring.
  • In-person meetings: Proximity opens doors to face-to-face meetings, nurturing robust relationships and crystal-clear communication. Whirlpool capitalizes on this advantage, boosting teamwork and tackling intricate challenges more effectively.

Following these accomplishments, Whirlpool expanded its staffing nearshoring initiatives, establishing operations in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, with plans for further expansion.

These two case studies illustrate how companies can benefit significantly from nearshoring staffing operations. Such strategies reduce costs, enhance quality, and provide access to a broader pool of qualified talent. Many other industries, including software development, IT, customer service, and creative fields, have also harnessed the potential of nearshoring to optimize their workforce management.

Duolingo & Shopify: Stories of Nearshoring Triumphs by Small and Medium-sized Companies

Duolingo’s Approach to Tap into Global Potential through Nearshoring

Duolingo, the language learning juggernaut, has elevated its global impact by strategically embracing nearshoring. The decision to centralize customer support operations in a nearshore company has proven to be a game-changer:

  • 24/7 multilingual support: Duolingo now delivers round-the-clock customer support in diverse languages, tailoring assistance to its global user base. This shift has translated into heightened user satisfaction and a bolstered brand image.
  • Access to top-tier talent: The nearshoring company provides a talent pool rich in multilingual proficiency and a nuanced understanding of Duolingo’s offerings. This access empowers Duolingo to sustain top-notch customer support without compromise.
  • Cultural alignment and cost efficiency: The move to the new destination has aligned Duolingo with a culturally harmonious workforce, fostering shared work ethics and communication styles. Simultaneously, the cost-effectiveness of labor in this area has propelled operational efficiency for the company.

Shopify: Paving the Way for Localized Triumphs Through Nearshoring

Shopify, the e-commerce giant, has harnessed the power of nearshoring to bolster localized customer support and conquer new markets. By strategically nearshoring their workload, Shopify has reaped significant advantages:

  • Localized support for Spanish markets: The nearshore hub has empowered Shopify to offer region-specific customer support in Spanish, resonating with its expanding Latin American user base. This tailored support has catapulted customer satisfaction and fueled business expansion.
  • Cultural synergy and linguistic finesse: The workforce, deeply rooted in Latin American culture, seamlessly integrates cultural nuances into customer interactions. Proficiency in both Spanish and English enhances communication on a global scale, elevating the overall customer experience. Compared to outsourcing to distant Asian countries, nearshoring often translates to fewer cultural differences. This shared culture enriches collaboration and understanding, paving the way for smoother business operations.
  • Access to skilled talent and cost efficiency: The nearshoring company stands as a rich source of skilled customer support professionals adept in e-commerce and technology. By tapping into this talent pool, Shopify not only fortifies its support capabilities but also optimizes operational costs.

Driving Success Through Nearshoring: Lessons for Every Business

Duolingo and Shopify’s triumphs spotlight the transformative potential of nearshoring. Strategic nearshoring choices empower companies to elevate customer support, extend global influence, and realize business objectives while upholding unwavering quality standards. As nearshoring continues to emerge as a preferred operational strategy, businesses of all sizes can harness its advantages to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and carve a niche in the global market.

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