Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering

Course Description

Learn advanced Go concepts by building a reference implementation of a blockchain in Go! The goal of this class is to share how to code complex engineering tasks required to build a blockchain technology. From the beginning, you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code. Throughout the class, you will learn more about Go and the advanced engineering features of the language.

Check out the Ardan blockchain project on GitHub.

Over the course of 5 days we will cover:

  • Digital accounts with electronic signatures and verification
  • Transaction distribution and synchronization between computers
  • Redundant storage of a single ledger on different computers
  • Consensus by different computers to process and store new transactions
  • Detection of any forgery to past transactions


An intermediate understanding of the Go programming language is recommended. Students will derive the most value if they have taken our Ultimate Go and Ultimate Service classes.

We also recommend taking this free blockchain class from Patrick McCorry.

Suggested Reading

Important: Instructions to view the recording will be sent upon completion of each session.