Terraform Q&A Live Stream

Join us for a 40-min Q&A live stream session on Harshicorp Terraform.


This is a live stream, 40-min session for engineers who want to get answered questions around Terraform.

In this session, we will address the questions gathered from the community through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit, and give you a chance to have your Terraform-related queries answered by our expert in real-time.

Note: if you’ve got any questions, share them with us before the event if you want Matthew Sanabria to answer them! Send us a DM via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Our experienced Terraform trainer will be available to answer questions from the community, provide insight, and share his experiences. Whether you’re new to Terraform or have been working with it for a while, this session is designed to provide value for everyone.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting opportunity to learn more about Terraform and connect with other developers in the community.


Session will last 40 min

  • 30 min - Q&A collected from the community beforehand via Twitter, Linkedin & Reddit.
  • 10 min - Q&A open live questions.

About our expert:

Matthew Sanabria is an Engineer at HashiCorp and a former Adjunct Instructor at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). At HashiCorp, Matthew develops Terraform Enterprise, mentors other engineers, and contributes to the Terraform Associate certification exam. At NJIT, Matthew designed and taught a new curriculum for the IT340 Introduction to System Administration course. With over 7 years of professional and teaching experience, Matthew enjoys mentoring others and contributing back to the community.