Mutable and Immutable Infrastructure with Terraform

Join us for a FREE remote lunch and learn with Matthew Sanabria

Course Description

This is a free, 1-hour event for engineers who want to learn how to quickly import existing mutable and immutable infrastructure into Terraform. The talk is for Terraform beginners. Thus, a basic understanding of the Terrraform is recommended.

During the 1- hour we will cover:

Import existing mutable infrastructure into Terraform and discuss the different approaches to migrate to immutable infrastructure using provisioners, cloud-init, and immutable images.

About the Instructor:

Matthew Sanabria is an Engineer at HashiCorp and a former Adjunct Instructor at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). At HashiCorp, Matthew develops Terraform Enterprise, mentors other engineers, and contributes to the Terraform Associate certification exam. At NJIT, Matthew designed and taught a new curriculum for the IT340 Introduction to System Administration course. With over 7 years of professional and teaching experience, Matthew enjoys mentoring others and contributing back to the community.