Kubernetes Storage: From Zero to Expert

This is a free, 1-hour event for engineers who want to understand the Kubernetes storage objects and how they work to make external data available to containers running in K8s pods.

Course Description

Stateful applications are critical for most organizations. However, understanding the many Kubernetes storage ‘objects’ along with their not-always-obvious interaction and life-cycles can be daunting (Volumes, Persistent Volumes, Persistent Volume Claims, Volume Attachments, Storage Classes, Volume Snapshots, CSIDriver, CSINode, oh my). In this talk, we will learn what these objects are, why they are needed, and how they work together to make external data available to containers running in K8s pods.

Starting with a review of what mounting volumes means for Docker containers, we will deeply explore the internals of Kubernetes storage and how storage affects Kubernetes scheduling of pods. You will also get an understanding of how Container Storage Initiative (CSI) drivers work internally along with other nuggets that can provide valuable insight when debugging stateful applications.

From this session, you will obtain an understanding of:

  • How Kubernetes relates volumes to mounted storage available from within containers

  • The many Kubernetes Storage Objects

  • Kubernetes Scheduling and how it is influenced by storage object

  • The way that Kubernetes controllers move the storage objects through their life-cycles

  • The role and responsibility of a storage-type-specific CSI Drivers

  • Looking into CSI Drivers and how the CSI support Side-Cars interact with them

  • Putting it all together to develop and debug stateful applications in k8s with confidence

About the Instructor:

Gerry Seidman has designed many complex, secure, high-performance, low-latency, high-availability, and fault-tolerant distributed systems. He is currently President at AuriStor where he is still very hands-on where he leads the design and implementation of the AuriStor/AFS Kubernetes/CSI Driver.