Kubernetes Controller Training

Course Description

The Kubernetes control plane is arguably the most successful orchestration engine ever built. This course will dive into how it works and the concepts behind why it’s so effective. We will demonstrate how anyone can extend the control plane with additional functionality by building a production-grade controller through a series of exercises. All concepts are communicated through live diagrams and reinforced through joint coding sessions. Most teams find this material useful to kickstart company-projects after the course. By the end of this course, you will have the tools necessary to detangle the set of pipelines, scripts, lambda functions, and cron jobs that orchestrate software at most companies.


Intensity: 16 hours, 2 session(s) per week, 2 hrs per session, 8 sessions total

When: Starts March 15 and ends April 07

Time: Noon EST to 2 PM EST


  • Wednesday, March 15
  • Friday, March 17
  • Wednesday, March 22
  • Friday, March 24
  • Wednesday, March 29
  • Friday, March 31
  • Wednesday, April 5
  • Friday, April 7

General Topics

  • Control Plane Architecture.
  • Control Plane Concepts.
  • Custom Resources.
  • Controller Configuration.
  • Controller Observability.
  • Controller Error Handling
  • Controller Testing.
  • Deploying Controllers.
  • Kubernetes Object Lifecycle.
  • Kubectl.
  • Kubebuilder.
  • Wider OSS Ecosystem.

Typical Audience

  • DevOps practitioners.
  • Technical Team Leads.
  • Platform operators/engineers.
  • Architects.
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with the Go programming language

About the Instructor

Nick Stogner has worn many hats throughout his career as a system administrator, software developer, DevOps practitioner, and cloud architect. He started using Go and Kubernetes around 2015. Nick has served as a trusted advisor to early-stage startups and large industry leaders like Google and Apple.

Important: Upon completion of each session, there will be a video recording available for download. An email with instructions to access them will be sent.