Intensive Docker Bootcamp

About this Event

This is an online course for devs, ops, architects; all kinds of IT professionals and engineers who need to understand Docker and containers well enough to use them to design, package, deploy or operate modern applications. The course will be 4 hours per day, 2 days (8 hours total). Each day will cover a specific theme and will feature numerous real-world examples and scenarios. Each student will get access to a personalized lab environment for the duration of the course, in order to be able to get practical experience with the features covered that day.

Homework: At the end of day 1, there will be a capstone lab assignment that requires approximately 1 hour of after hours work.

Important: Upon completion of each session, there will be a video recording available for download for a period of 48 hours.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Container Foundations

  • First steps with Docker
  • Foreground and background containers
  • Restarting and attaching to containers
  • Understanding Docker images and layers
  • Building images interactively
  • Building images with a Dockerfile
  • Exercise: writing Dockerfiles for an existing app

Day 2: Stacking Containers

  • Optimizing image size and build time
  • Multi-stage builds
  • Tips, tricks, best practices when writing images
  • Container networking basics
  • Implementing a local development workflow
  • Getting inside containers
  • The Container Network Model
  • Service discovery with containers
  • Leveraging Compose for development stacks
  • Exercise: writing a Compose file for an existing app

Requirements: You don’t need to have any prior experience with containers or to know a specific language or framework. The labs and exercises will take place on remote virtual machines, so if you want to complete the assignments, you should feel comfortable with: - using SSH to connect to a remote Linux machine - basic shell commands (navigate directories, set environment variables…) - using a text editor like vi, nano, or similar

About Jerome Petazzoni

Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before it became Docker. He worked seven years at the famous container company, wearing various hats. When he’s not busy with computers, he collects musical instruments. He can arguably play the theme of Zelda on a dozen of them.