Go Foundations Bootcamp

This bootcamp is for developers who’d like to get started with the Go programming language. Our goal is to get you productive in Go fast.

Session Dates (12 PM - 2PM EST)

This is a two-week bootcamp consisting of 4 two-hour sessions.

  • July 28, 2021
  • August 2, 2021
  • August 4, 2021
  • August 9, 2021

Course Description

Learn to write Go code from the very beginning. You’ll become an effective Go developer though solving many real-life problems. We will learn to use Go to solve common problems such as working with HTTP, JSON, parallel computing and more. Along the way you’ll learn about the Go syntax and interesting packages in the standard library.

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Course Outline and Agenda

Session 1

  • Strings & formatted output
    • What is a string?
    • Unicode basics
    • Using the “fmt” package for formatted output
  • Working with files
    • Handling errors
    • Using “defer” to manage resources
    • Working with the “io.Reader” & “io.Writer” interfaces

Session 2

  • Working with HTTP
    • Making HTTP calls
    • Timouts
    • Serializing JSON
  • HTTP servers
    • Writing handlers

Session 3

  • Sorting
    • Working with slices, structs & methods
    • Understanding interfaces
  • Distributing work
    • Using goroutines & channels
    • Using the “sync” package to coordinates work

Session 4

  • A Go Project
    • Project structure
    • Testing your code
    • Managing dependencies- A Go Project


Students should have the following installed on your computer prior to the workshop:

We also recommend that you’ll read the following before the workshop:

About Miki Tebeka

Miki is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has taught many workshops on various technical subjects all over the world at companies such as AT&T, Oracle, Dropbox, J.P. Morgan, and others. Miki is involved in open source, both in the Go and Python worlds. He has several open source projects of his own and contributed to many others including Go & Python. He’s also helping organize GopherCon Israel, Go Israel meetup, the upcoming PyData Israel, and was a member of the PyCon Israel team. Miki wrote “Forging Python”, “Go Brain Teasers” and “Python Brain Teasers”, he’s a LinkedIn Learning author, speaks at conferences, and infrequent blogger. Miki helps customers in R&D projects, building data pipelines, optimizing performance, and other challenging technical issues. He loves writing code and solving problems.