Deep dive into Kubernetes networking with CNI

About this Event

This is a free, 1-hour event for devs, ops, or even architects, who want to dive deeper into Kubernetes and learn concepts around the Container Network Interface (CNI).

We’ll discuss CNI plugins and how pods communicate together on Kubernetes. As an example, we’ll see in particular how to change the CNI plugin on a live Kubernetes cluster.


  • Define the pod network
  • Provide a concrete use-case
  • Live Demo!
  • Using the command line
  • Troubleshoot some “unexpected” error messages

About Jerome Petazzoni

Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS before that company became Docker. He loves to share what he knows, which led him to give hundreds of talks and demos on containers, Docker, and Kubernetes. He has trained thousands of people to deploy their apps in confidence on these platforms and continues to do so as an independent consultant. He values diversity and strives to be a good ally, or at least a decent social justice sidekick. He also collects musical instruments and can arguably play the theme of Zelda on a dozen of them.