Debugging & Optimizing Rust

Join us for a FREE lunch & learn with Herbert Wolverson.

Course Description

This is a free, 1-hour event for engineers who want to learn debugging techniques for Rust, benchmarking, and optimization.

During the 1- hour we will cover:


Debugging to Logs and Console

  • The benefits of debugging to logs and the console

  • Formatting Structures

  • The Log Crate and env-logger

Debugging in Visual Studio Code

  • Connecting to the Debugger

  • Single-Step Debugging

  • When

Cargo Optimization Profiles

  • Debug, Release

  • Link Time Optimization


  • Using Criterion

  • Benchmarking Random Number Generation

  • Using a Faster Algorithm

Some Optimization Thoughts

  • Is your problem CPU Bound?

  • Is your problem I/O Bound?

  • What if I have both problems?

  • Where can Rust help me?

Wrap-Up & QA

About the Instructor:

Herbert has been developing software professionally for more than 20 years. Starting with Pascal, and then moving onto C and C++, Herbert has developed custom applications ranging from web-server filters to games. Herbert is the author of Hands-on Rust and Rust Brain Teasers.