Creating Cloud Resources with Terraform

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Course Description

This is a free, 1-hour event for engineers who want to learn how to quickly standup complex infrastructure environments with a few simple commands.

During the 1- hour we will cover:

In this session, we will give a short overview of how Terraform facilitates infrastructure creation from a config describing the desired architecture components.
This is called Infrastructure as Code, and Terraform is the most popular solution in this space with support for all major cloud providers as well as other common IT technologies.
Want to quickly stand up a 3-tier architecture, this is quick and easy to do with Terraform.

This session will provide a quick peek at the subjects covered in the upcoming “Ultimate Terraform” training.

About the Instructor:

Michael has worked for many years in the Telecom and Cloud industries as a Researcher, Developer, and Pre-Sales Solution Architect at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise before branching out as an independent trainer and consultant specializing in Cloud Technologies.

Michael is British but has lived 30 years in his adopted hometown of Grenoble in the French Alps.

Michael runs local Cloud Native, Docker, and Python Meetup groups and has presented and run workshops at various conferences on subjects including Kubernetes, Serverless, Unikernels, and Jupyter.