Calling REST APIs

This bootcamp is for backend developers looking for a step by step introduction to building RESTful APIs with the Go programming language.

Course Outline:

Learn how to effectively call REST APIs. We’ll start with the basics of GET, POST requests and handling JSON. Then we’ll move to more advanced topics such as timeouts, streaming. Finally you’ll learn how to test your API client.


  • HTTP request and response structure
  • GET, POST requests
  • Setting timeouts & size limit
  • Streaming
  • JSON serialization
  • Testing

Important: Upon completion of each session, there will be a video recording available for download for a period of 48 hours.

About Miki Tebeka

Miki is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has taught many workshops on various technical subjects all over the world at companies such as AT&T, Oracle, Dropbox, J.P. Morgan, and others. Miki is involved in open source, both in the Go and Python worlds. He has several open source projects of his own and contributed to many others including Go & Python. He’s also helping organize GopherCon Israel, Go Israel meetup, the upcoming PyData Israel, and was a member of the PyCon Israel team. Miki wrote “Forging Python”, “Go Brain Teasers” and “Python Brain Teasers”, he’s a LinkedIn Learning author, speaks at conferences, and infrequent blogger. Miki helps customers in R&D projects, building data pipelines, optimizing performance, and other challenging technical issues. He loves writing code and solving problems.


A basic understanding of the Go programming language. Students do not have to be expert Go users but they will get the most from the workshop if they have completed the majority of the Go Tour.