Fearless Concurrency with Rust

When: Tuesday, August 27 · 11am - 12pm EST

Schedule: 1-Hour Free Webinar

Where: Online - Zoom Meeting

In this talk, Herbert will discuss Fearless Concurrency – one of Rust’s strongest selling points. What exactly makes concurrency scary to begin with, and how does Rust help? What are the downsides of using a garbage collected model versus a stricter model? The presentation will power through threading models, and how they can help you build fast, safe and correct solutions. We’ll discuss the differences between threading and asynchronous processing – and how each interacts with Rust’s strict, safe memory model. Finally, we’ll put the pedal to the metal – and see just how fast and lean Rust can be.

We will cover:

  • What makes concurrency fearful to begin with?

  • Rust Concurrency: Memory Safety, Data Race Safety – with no Garbage Collection overhead.

  • Threads: System Threads, Scoped Threads and Rayon.

  • Async: Concurrency for the Network

  • Rust’s Memory Model and Concurrency

  • Performance Testing

  • Q&A

About Herbert Wolverson:

Herbert Wolverson is a Rust trainer and consultant at Ardan Labs. He’s the author of Hands-on Rust, Rust Brain Teasers, Advanced Hands-on Rust and the Rust Roguelike Tutorial. Herbert also contributes to many Open Source projects, helping build safe, secure and scalable applications.