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At Ardan Labs we have spent years providing unbiased recommendations and guidance to assist our customers in delivering high quality software with fewer defects. Hence, providing our customers a competitive edge in the ever changing technology market place.

Identifying Gaps

We provide quality assessments and identify gaps that impede software delivery. Also, we provide processes that will utilize existing tools to measure success and eliminate process waste. All metrics gathered in the product lifecycle are captured and recommendations for improvement are provided.


Our methodology conforms with the agility of today’s cloud and microservices technologies, assisting in rapid deployment, configuration management, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, disaster recovery, performance and security affording our clients an edge over their competitors.


Our specialties include: Gap analysis, configuration management, continuous delivery and continuous deployment, monolith to microservices conversion, agile roadmaps, and SCRUM, LEAN coaching.

End-to-end Assesment

During our assessments Ardan Labs takes an end-to-end approach by identifying cultural changes that are necessary for an agile transformation as well as the technical solution required for implementation. We are tool agnostic, but will make tool recommendations as necessary if existing tools do not conform with agile software delivery.

We were so impressed with the work Ardan Labs performed that we hired them to work side by side with us on some of the issues and our feature roadmap.

- Cole Calistra Chief Technology Officer, Kairos


By automating the mundane and ensuring systems and services are compliant by both regulatory and security as prescribed by specific industries.

Application Performance

By removing human intervention and providing empirical results gathered from testing to ensure defects are identified as early in the release process as possible.

Configuration Management

By automating the configuration of application environments and removing the (snowflakes), having one source of truth from a configuration management database. We also provide consultation on building images in accordance with ITIL methodology and practices. We catalog current configurations that derive from current build processes and procedures from within your enterprise.

Continuous Deployment

Once your artifacts are generated, we ensure the same artifact is deployed through the delivery pipeline to ensure one artifact works in all environments. We also provide consultation on how to package and version artifacts as appropriate.

Automated Testing

We automate testing frameworks and eliminate the conventional way of the Excel spreadsheet. Our automations include: unit testing, code quality, performance testing and integration testing to name a few. Also, incorporate agile methodologies associated with blue/green, canary and limited releases to subsets of end-users.

Our DevOps practice is not limited to software, we also provide consultation on cloud migration, infrastructure as code and transformation of monolith environments to name a few.

Some of the technologies we currently work with encompass:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Docker, Docker Swarm
  • Kubernetes
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Pachyderm
  • Terraform

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