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Mid-level / Senior Full Stack Engineer

Remote Position
North America, South America, Central America, Western Europe

Ardan Labs is a consulting firm that helps our clients develop software solutions and applications. We work on software projects and teams of different sizes. We are currently looking for a Mid-level / Senior Full Stack Engineer with experience in front-end javascript technologies.


  • 5+ years of experience writing software professionally.

  • Strong proficiency in modern Typescript / Javascript both in browser and server contexts.

  • Significant experience building, testing and maintaining internal and public-facing RESTful or GraphQL APIs.

  • Production experience with relational databases, PostgreSQL.

  • Experience with modern front-end stacks, preferably React or relevant declarative UI library.

  • Experience with unit testing modern web application stacks using Jest / react-testing-library / Cypress.

  • Familiar with front-end state management patterns, such as CQRS frameworks like Redux / Flux,

  • Understanding of common design patterns for modern web applications.

  • Very good communication skills in English, both written and spoken.

  • IMPORTANT. To apply to this position you must be able to work US timezones and have good communication skills. Only individual contributors/direct hire will be considered for this project.


  • As a W2 employee, we offer family medical coverage, life insurance, paid vacation, and technical training.
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