In episode 19, Bill designed and implemented the data structure for an account on his blockchain. This type will have a nonce field to ensure incoming transactions are valid and performed in order. Since the database will be stored in memory and not on disk, the balances in these accounts are reconstructed with information from previous transactions and the genesis block.

In this video, Bill takes all the theories discussed in this series and applies them by launching his first blockchain node. Bill starts by defining a database type that will house all the account information on his blockchain with the initial values populated by the genesis record. Once he is finished, Bill will add a new package named state and, as the name implies, it will manage the state on his blockchain. Watch and learn how to launch a blockchain node and interface with it over HTTP.

Things you will learn in this video

  • Define a database type for your blockchain.
  • Populate initial accounts with the Genesis record.
  • Access your blockchain with a REST API.
  • Manage state on the blockchain.


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