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Go Package Management Call To Action

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William Kennedy

Nathan Youngman, with the help of others, has produced this document outlining months of research and discovery. I would appreciate everyone to honestly read it before continuing with my post.

Mitchell Hashimoto also published this post on go-nuts and everyone should read this as well.

These two documents outline the current capabilities and issues surrounding the Go tooling as it relates to package management. This has been discussed and discussed at length yet we still don't have a consensus on what the community will rally around.

I am willing to perform all the administrative work involved in putting together a specification and working reference implementation. If we can accomplish this, then we have something that can be used by the community to build a package management tool and we all win.

I have created a Google Group and I ask those of you who are interested to join.

The group is public. If you are interested in being a part of the working group please submit your request at the group.

Our goal is to present our specification and working reference implementation to the community at GopherCon in April 2014.

The first step will be to define a set of milestones that allow us to meet our goals by April next year. Then we need to organize the working group into teams with team leaders and members to help do the research and make recommendations.

I hope some of you consider joining the group and help the community solve this problem.

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