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September 2019

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An Open Source Debate

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William Kennedy

This article was written for and published by Safari Books Online

If you read my article titled Analyze Data With MongoDB and Go, then you will understand the context of this debate with the idea of open source. That article talks about an application we are building, and it publishes some of the proprietary data we are gathering. It also shows techniques we are using to perform the data analysis. This has caused a passionate debate among the business partners in my company. Does the article provide too much proprietary information that could harm our success with the application?

Let me go back in time for a bit. When Microsoft released .NET to the world back in 2003, I was quick to leave C++ programming behind. I began to port all of my C++ utilities, so I could write Windows services in C#. During this time, I wrote two articles about my thread pooling and socket utilities. They were published and I was excited, but I was quickly told to stop because I was crazy for giving away all of this code.

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