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Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies
Ardan labs trusted by companies

We've partnered with one of the most innovative companies in Generative
AI - Prediction Guard

75% of most AI budgets gets eaten up with engineering to prevent AI malfunctions and setup infrastructure. Prediction Guard, incubated by Intel's Ignite program, enables you to jump ahead of your competition with scalable model endpoints seamlessly integrated with security checks, data privacy features, and model output validations (including factuality checking).

Ardan Labs works directly with Prediction Guard to help companies deploy their first AI applications and enable LLM-powered features at enterprise scale.

Consistent, structured output from AI systems that you control
Ardan Labs: Large Language Models Ardan Labs: Large Language Models

Unlock the Potential of LLMs

With Prediction Guard, you can effortlessly incorporate private, controlled, and compliant Large Language Models (LLM) into your operations. Our platform not only offers a scalable LLM API but also empowers you to ward off hallucinations, establish governance, and maintain compliance.

  Privately Hosted Models

  Controls for LLM Output

  Compliant Deployment (HIPAA, etc.)

  SOTA LLMs (Llama 3, Mistral, deepseek, etc.)

  Integrations with LangChain, LlamaIndex, etc.

  Easy-to-use API for AI/ Prompt Engineering

How Ardan + Prediction Guard Can Help

The Prediction Guard product provides you with scalable deployments of the latest LLMs, but we don't leave you to deal with all the other common AI engineering challenges (which is the real costly part of AI adoption). Prediction Guard gives you:

Ardan Labs: Large Language Models

Private & Protected LLM Models:

  • Proprietary data is protected
  • AI-related security vulnerabilities are mitigated
  • Closed models are avoided for transparency
  • Regulations and legal requirements are satisfied for Faster time to market
Ardan Labs: Large Language Models

De-Risked LLM Interactions:

  • Prevents inaccurate model outputs (aka hallucinations)
  • Avoids toxic or harmful language in model outputs
  • Prevents PII from leaking into (and out of) LLMs
  • Allows use of multiple LLMs from various LLM families (Mistral, LLaMA, etc.)
Ardan Labs: Large Language Models

Scalable and Flexible Integrations:

  • No need to hire specialized engineers to figure out AI model scaling and reliability
  • Turn key integration/ deployment (easy of integration)
  • Developer-friendly API (Ease of use)
  • Scalable at industry-leading price-performance
  • Cloud, data center, or local deployment options allow companies to utilize AI everywhere
Ardan Labs: Large Language Models

Configurable Settings:

  • Allows for companies to implement their specific approach to AI governance (setting thresholds for factuality, PII handling, etc.)
  • Enables companies to build their own competitive AI moat with a private, internally configured AI platform

Don't just take our word for it:


Our team used Prediction Guard to process email data for a new e-commerce offer planning model. This resulted in $146k of additional sales this month!

Tori McQuinn,

Marketing Director at Antique Candle Co.

Prediction Guard has built something that solves the main problem I have had working with language models.

Ben Brame,

Founder CEO at Contango

"Overall, I must tell you that PG reduces coding overheads drastically."

Shirish Hirekodi,

Technical Manager at CVC Networks

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