Looking to implement practical artificial intelligence & machine learning in your organization? Partner with us to integrate predictive analytics into your business.


Let the data science experts from Ardan Labs partner with you to kickstart your AI/ML efforts and/or help you scale your data science workflows. Implementing and scaling data science efforts is tough, but we can help you get off the ground or course correct. We will help you ensure that analytics, ML, artificial intelligence, and visualization efforts create real business value, and we will ensure that you efficiently overcome technical hurdles.

We have worked with customers to:

  • Evaluate the type and scope of data science work that needs to be implemented to produce real value.
  • Build easy to manage and scalable data pipelines and clusters that power innovative data science work.
  • Kickstart machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts.
  • Build dashboards and exploratory tools that allow team members to self-serve business insights.
  • Integrate predictive models into existing business operations.

Here is a sample of our expertise:

AI Frameworks

State of the art AI frameworks including Tensorflow, Caffe, Keras, Neon, and H2O.

Data Sources

Diverse data sources including SQL-like databases and NoSQL/Graph databases.

Data Infrastructure

Data infrastructure built on things like Kubernetes, Docker, Pachyderm, Cassandra, Kafka, and many more.

Multiple Languages

Languages including Python, R, Julia, Go, and Javascript.


Visualization and exploratory tools including Jupyter, nteract, and D3.js.

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