7+ Years In Business

2000+ Fortune 100 Engineers Trained

100+ Companies Helped

Who is Ardan labs

Trusted by Start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies, Ardan Labs is a high performance software development firm that builds and delivers reliable solutions and applications since 2010.

We are a group of passionate engineers, artists and business professionals focused on building and delivering reliable, secure and scalable solutions. Whether you are looking to build a website or a distributed application, we can help.

At Ardan Labs we don't have clients or customers, we have partners. We work together with your company and your vision. We bring your products and services to life.

Let’s Talk about your project!!

Our engineering team is led by William “Bill” Kennedy. Bill has been developing software applications for more than 25 years. In 2013 he became a pioneer using Go and now has trained over 2,000 engineers that work for Fortune 100 companies. He is the author of Go in Action and is the main contributor of the blog GoingGo.net

What does Ardan mean?

High Aspiration Platform

What is our purpose?

We engineer solutions for large and small companies by being champions of integrity, simplicity and performance.

Our Vision

To become leaders in the software training and engineering industry. To be known as a premier engineering firm by creating products and services that help solve our clients problems.

Mission Statement

To provide superior quality software engineering products and services that deliver great value to our customer because of the ease of use, performance and reliability.

Core Values

Reliability, Transparency, Simplicity

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